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Not Since You (2009)

  • Rate: 5.4/10 total 399 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 14 May 2010 (Australia)
  • Runtime: USA:90 min
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Not Since You (2009)

Not Since You 2009tt1072438.jpg poster

  • IMDb page: Not Since You (2009)
  • Rate: 5.4/10 total 399 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 14 May 2010 (Australia)
  • Runtime: USA:90 min
  • Filming Location: Athens, Georgia, USA
  • Budget: $1,500,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $5,670(USA)(15 April 2010)
  • Director: Jeff Stephenson
  • Stars: Desmond Harrington, Kathleen Robertson and Christian Kane
  • Original Music By: Christopher Brady   
  • Plot Keyword: Wedding | Georgia | Cheating Wife | Beautiful Woman

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Jane Kelly Kosek  writer
  • Brent Laffoon  writer
  • Jeff Stephenson  writer

Known Trivia

    Plot: A romantic drama about a tight-knit group of college friends who graduated from NYU the year of 9/11… See more » |  »

    Story: A romantic drama about a tight-knit group of college friends who graduated from NYU the year of 9/11 and reunite years later for a weekend wedding in Georgia. Unresolved conflicts and love affairs spark again.Written by Anonymous  

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Jade DeCosta known as line producer
    • Christine Duell known as executive producer
    • Ashley Epting known as executive producer
    • Jane Kelly Kosek known as producer
    • Erich Lochner known as associate producer
    • Ken Locsmandi known as executive producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Desmond Harrington known as Sam Nelson
    • Kathleen Robertson known as Amy Smith
    • Christian Kane known as Ryan Roberts
    • Jon Abrahams known as Howard Stieglitz
    • Sunny Mabrey known as Victoria Gary
    • Will Estes known as Billy Sweetzer
    • Elden Henson known as Joey 'Fudge' Fudgler
    • Sara Rue known as Sarah 'Doogs' Doogins
    • Barry Corbin known as Uncle Dennis
    • Liane Balaban known as Heather
    • Victoria Leigh known as Ashley
    • J.K. DeLapp known as Best Man
    • Trey Greene known as Family member
    • Jared Hilsabeck known as Wedding Guest
    • Billy Holmes known as Daniel's Father
    • Carole Kaboya known as Wedding Guest
    • Debra Moss known as Daniels Mother
    • Grant Sharp known as Daniel
    • Joe Walsh known as Ashley's father
    • Christopher Wheelous known as Wedding Guest
    • Lisa Wheelous known as Wedding Guest
    • Katherine Wolf known as Katherine
    • Frances Cobb known as Wedding Attendee (uncredited)
    • Sonya Thompson known as Wedding Guest (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Stephanie Bravo known as makeup department head
    • Kaitlin Vidak known as makeup artist

    Art Department:

    • Bil Barnes known as set dresser (as Bil 'Horndogger' Barnes)
    • Tyler Mills known as assistant art director
    • Andy Rusk known as leadman




    Production Companies:

    • Wonder Entertainment

    Other Companies:

    • Filmworks/FX  post-production facilities
    • Identity Studios  digital restoration
    • IndieClear  script clearance
    • Lightnin' Production Rentals  transportation equipment
    • Sonic Magic  sound post-production


    • Warner Bros. Digital Distribution (2010) (USA) (video)
    • Monarch Home Video (2010) (USA) (DVD)
    • Showtime Networks (2011) (USA) (TV)
    • All Interactive Distribution (2010) (Australia) (all media)
    • Alliance Films (2011) (Canada) (all media)
    • Beijing Xiang Jiang Yi Hua Film & TV (2011) (China) (TV)
    • Channel 1+1 (2011) (Ukraine) (TV)
    • Family Films (2011) (France) (all media)
    • Globosat / Telecine (2011) (Brazil) (TV)
    • Latin American PayTV (2011) (Mexico) (TV) (Moviecity)
    • Mediaset (2011) (Italy) (all media)
    • Moviecity (2011) (Argentina) (TV)
    • Moviecity (2011) (Colombia) (TV)
    • Moviecity (2011) (Venezuela) (TV)
    • NBC Universal (2011) (Belgium) (TV) (Benelux)
    • NBC Universal (2011) (Russia) (TV)
    • Pinnacle Films (2010) (New Zealand) (all media)
    • Prime Pictures (2011) (United Arab Emirates) (all media) (Middle East)
    • Programs 4 Media (2011) (Yugoslavia) (all media) (Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and Romania)
    • Ster-Kinekor Distribution (2010) (South Africa) (all media)
    • Vapet Productions (2011) (Czech Republic) (all media)
    • Vitra Film (2011) (Poland) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Visual Effects by:
    • Andrew Lewitin known as visual effects
    • Ken Locsmandi known as executive producer
    • Tamar Shaham known as visual effects coordinator
    • Jeremy Shuback known as digital artist
    • David Van Woert known as digital restoration producer

    Release Date:

    • USA 25 October 2009 (Hollywood Film Festival)
    • USA 5 November 2009 (American Film Market)
    • USA 2 April 2010 (limited)
    • Australia 14 May 2010
    • South Africa 4 October 2010
    • Italy 26 October 2010
    • Canada 1 November 2010 (Video On Demand)
    • USA 1 November 2010 (Video On Demand)
    • USA 23 November 2010 (DVD premiere)
    • New Zealand 6 December 2010
    • Belgium 19 February 2011
    • Luxembourg 19 February 2011
    • Netherlands 19 February 2011
    • Estonia 29 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Kazakhstan 29 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Latvia 29 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Lithuania 29 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Russia 29 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Argentina 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Aruba 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Barbados 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Bolivia 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Chile 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Colombia 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Costa Rica 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Dominican Republic 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Ecuador 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • El Salvador 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Guatemala 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Honduras 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Mexico 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Nicaragua 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Panama 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Paraguay 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Peru 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Trinidad and Tobago 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Uruguay 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Venezuela 30 March 2011 (TV premiere)
    • USA 8 May 2011 (TV premiere)
    • Algeria 12 August 2011
    • Bahrain 12 August 2011
    • Egypt 12 August 2011
    • Iraq 12 August 2011
    • Jordan 12 August 2011
    • Kuwait 12 August 2011
    • Lebanon 12 August 2011
    • Morocco 12 August 2011
    • Oman 12 August 2011
    • Qatar 12 August 2011
    • Sudan 12 August 2011
    • Syria 12 August 2011
    • United Arab Emirates 12 August 2011
    • France 4 September 2011
    • Poland 21 September 2011
    • Canada 20 January 2012 (limited)
    • Canada 14 February 2012 (DVD premiere)

    MPAA: Rated PG-13 for some language including brief sexual references



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. scrapmetal7 from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 9:50 am

      A creepy man who looks like a rapist comes home after a 3-year journey(to Europe, apparently to find himself), and is inexplicably horrifiedto find out that his ex-girlfriend from 3 years ago is married. Heembarks upon a plan that involves sitting around and frowning, andgiving snotty looks to her kindly new male-model looking husband (whois constantly going out of his way to be nice).

      The filmmakers did not understand some of the usual visual language ofcinema with how they present this ex-girlfriend. For example, when wefirst see her, she is doing her make-up with her friends. She's in themiddle, and she's the tallest. This makes her seem vain and imperious.Later, we see her combing her hair while talking to her husband, butnot looking at him. This makes her seem cold and witchy. The actress isvery beautiful but very cold looking, with very sculpted, unnaturalfeatures. She almost never smiles. Basically, she seems like the meangirl in the '80's movie, or one of those girls who was mean to ToniCollette in Muriel's Wedding.

      They don't make her likable or inviting, is what I'm saying, so wecan't relate to the creepy guy's fascination with her. Actually though,they do seem made for each other, because just as she is plastic andicy, he is sinister and ominous. Come to think of it, they are verylike Heathcliff (not the cat) and Catherine from that Kate Bush songWuthering Heights.

      Meanwhile, his other friends cope with their own earth-shattering,soul-destroying problems. One of them is a tiny, babbling man who doeseverything he can to irritate the crap out of everyone around him. Henot only is a salesman trying to pitch ideas, but he never ever stopstalking. He is stunned that a girl dumped him for a quieter friend oftheirs. When he is not badgering rich people about investing in hissimple ideas, he is picking fights in public, walking around with ashotgun, and splashing people in the pool.

      (What he acts like is that little dog from the old Warner BrothersCartoon that always ran around the bigger dog, talking nonstop aboutwhat great pals they were.)

      Babble Guy's ex-girlfriend who dumped him for Quiet Guy just wants toget married. Quiet Guy apparently keeps putting it off or something. Hemay or may not be waiting for Babble Guy to stop holding a grudge, it'snot too clear. There isn't any more to their characters than that, sothey are easy to describe. She pressures him about getting married andcomplains about him, and he tries to fend off Babble Guy's randomphysical assaults. Babble guy is tiny but feisty, like a kitty-cat.

      A third friend is a man who looks just like a hobbit, or like LarsUlrich. He is an alcoholic, but not one who does any of the problematicthings that real alcoholics do. He doesn't stink, pick fights, vomit alot, have health problems, annoy people, lose money, fail to show upwhen expected, wake up in strange places, be mean, cry a lot, get intoaccidents, or any of the other things alcoholics do that make themimpossible to be around. All he really does is take naps on pool chairsor porch swings. So, he is a cute, cuddly alcoholic who might smelllike Downy fabric softener. Luckily for him, a perfect, kindly,beautiful white girl decides that he is exactly the man she's beenlooking for, and she walks around their little town with him a lot.After he responds to her sexual overture with a tearful confession, allof his mental problems lift from his shoulders and drift away like acloud on a summer's morning.

      This movie has a very nice musical score, and a pretty scene with somefireflies. I was glad that they didn't set that scene to the song"Fireflies", so kudos. That scene unfortunately ends in a zoom-inclose-up of Rapist Guy's face, as he apparently realizes somethingcreepy, and he gives a terrifying serial killer smile at the camera.They cut to another scene before he can break out into a maniacallaugh. (Oddly, when you find out what he figured out, it's just that heand the ex-girlfriend aren't right for each other.)

      If you want to see the tough guy who always beats the crap out ofeverybody on Leverage be a nice, sweet person, he plays the Ice Woman'snew husband.

    2. lborsay from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 9:50 am

      A really great romantic independent with strong writing, greatdirecting and really good performances. It's got a "Big Chill" stylestoryline with friends getting together after a few years for a bigevent (a marriage rather than a funeral). It takes place in Athens,Georgia and the location is great, perfect for a wedding but with lotsof space for the characters to interact. The bride and groom barelyappear in the film as it's not about the culmination of a romance butrather past friends coming together and dealing with their lives andromances since they were last all together. Will past lovers reunite,will former best friends continue to let a girl come between them, willa young man come to terms with his dark secret and rediscover lifeoutside of the bottle? Hey, it's a movie so it's got lots of bigemotions but it always feels grounded and real even during the momentsof comedy. Proof that little can-do independents can outclass, andprovide a much better film than the big studio Rom-Coms we're gettingthese days. A good story told with warmth, humor and aboveall…romance.

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